Holiday Hunt 2020

Thank you for participating in the Cape May Olde Fashioned Christmas Holiday Hunt! Use the clues below to find  all 12 holiday symbols hidden around town. You can search for the clues in any order, and when you find one we encourage you to sing the lyrics from the “12 Days of Christmas” carol. The symbols look like this:

Once you find a sign, snap a festive photo of you or your group in front of it and post it on Facebook or Instagram using #CapeMay12Days for a chance to win fun prizes. You can also submit your photo via email – just send it to All entries must be posted on social media or received by email before January 3, 2021.

To download and print a PDF version of the holiday hunt locations, click here

Location #1: Partridge in a Pear Tree

If you’re looking for something fun to do this Christmas vacation,

Gather your group and start the holiday hunt at any of our twelve locations.

Stop #1 is near the bell that once rang out on a ship called the S.S. Cape May,

But can be found at the northeast end of the shopping “mall” today.

Location #2: Two Turtle Doves

On many summer nights in historic Cape May this is the place to be,

With musical acts performing for locals and visitors alike to hear and see. 

Stop #2 is in a park named for a round or circular shape.

It was originally built in 1974, but in 2016 it got a big update.

Location #3: Three French Hens

Take a stroll down one of the most haunted streets in town,

To find Santa – not spirits! – floating off the ground. 

Stop #3 is somewhere along the famous Jackson Street.

Located near two popular and delicious places to eat. 

Location #4: Four Calling Birds

This sign is located near of one of Cape May’s iconic hotels,

Originally built in 1816, it must have some secrets to tell!

Stop #4 is waiting for you to discover – will you pass the test?

And find the sign near this yellow hotel dressed up in its holiday best. 

Location #5: Five Golden Rings

Enjoy a stroll on the Cape May promenade with your family and friends,

And you will find a holiday sign located where Decatur Street ends. 

Stop #5 is across from a restaurant named after something no longer here,

Did you know there used to be a 1,000 foot long iron pier?

Location #6: Six Geese A-Laying

This sign can be found at Cape May city’s southern most location. 

On the promenade near convention hall, a great source of local information. 

Stop #6 is just steps from the ocean and right next to a shower zone,

On a bright red beacon that was used to guide mariners safely home. 

Location #7: Seven Swans A-Swimming

Find your way to one of Cape May’s Victorian accommodations, 

With its signature purple awnings and a beach front location,

Stop #7 is ready to greet guests who visit any time of year,

To enjoy the rocking chairs on its porch and the clean ocean air. 

Location #8: Eight Maids A-Milking

Take a walk down Columbia Avenue to find the maids a-milking sign, 

Hanging in front of a Spanish style building created for the divine.

Stop #8 is also near one of the most photographed houses in town,

Named for a monastery and painted three shades all around. 

Location #9: Nine Ladies Dancing

Hughes Street is filled with historic homes from days of yore,

Find the one named after a fruit that comes with plenty of lore. 

Stop #9 can be found hanging on a white picket fence,

In front of a home fit for Colonial ladies and gents. 

Location #10: Ten Lords A-Leaping

Inspired by a building on Disney World’s Main Street USA,

This location is a tiny museum with history on display.

Stop #10 is hanging by the front of this yellow and red space.

Right next door to the fire department that keeps us all safe.

Location #11: Eleven Pipers Piping

Just outside of the house where Emlen Physick resided,

You will find this location where many tours are now guided. 

Stop #11 is hung on a pole overlooking the Christmas display.

After you find it, be sure to enjoy the Winter Wonderwalk way.

Location #12: Twelve Drummers Drumming

A short walk into West Cape May is where you must roam,

To find the place that strawberries, tomatoes, and lima beans call home.

Stop #12 is in this park situated in between two diverging streets, 

And across from a shopper’s delight filled with gifts and sweet treats.