#CapeMayStrong is a collaborative project of the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May, the City of Cape May, and Cape May Community Partners. Our mission is to provide support and guidance to all local residents, seasonal homeowners, businesses, and visitors in Cape May, while keeping our community informed as we all navigate the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Cape May City Status Summary

Up-to-date information on Cape May’s reopening status for residents, visitors, and local businesses. 

Please adhere to the CDC’s social distancing guidelines at all times and wear a face covering when near others. 

Promenade Access

  • Walking, Jogging
  • No Biking, Skateboarding, or Dogs
  • Face Masks Required when Social Distancing is Not Possible
  • All Cape May City Public Restrooms are now open from 7 am to 7 pm: Beach Avenue at Wilmington, Trenton, Philadelphia, Gurney, Grant, Broadway, and Second Ave; Plus Lyle Lane and Ocean Street Restrooms.

Beach Access

  • Walking, Jogging, Fishing
  • Sitting or Sunbathing
  • No Swimming at Unguarded Beaches
  • No Dogs
  • Face Masks Required when Social Distancing is Not Possible


  • Short-Term Rentals (Starting May 28)
  • Hotels, Motels, B&Bs, and any other rentals (Starting May 28 at 60% capacity; 100% as of June 19)
  • Long-Term Rental of 30 Days or More (Starting May 11)
  • Pools (Open as of Monday, June 22)


  • Non-Essential Retail Stores - Open as of June 15 at 50% capacity
  • Face Masks Required


  • Indoor Dining at 25% Capacity starts 9/4/20
  • Outdoor Dining, Take Out & Delivery
  • Face Masks Required

Parking Meters

  • All Parking Meters are on as of Saturday, May 16, at 10 am.

Open Public Consumption of Alcohol

  • Open Public Consumption of alcohol is permitted from 5pm-Midnight in the following areas of Cape May City:
  • Lafayette Street from Perry to Franklin,
    400 block of Bank Street,
    400 block of Elmira Street,
    Perry to Beach (starting at Lafayette),
    Jackson to Beach (starting at Lafayette),
    Decatur to Beach (starting at Lafayette),
    Ocean to Beach (starting at Lafayette),
    Washington Street (from Perry to Jefferson),
    Carpenters Lane (from Perry to Ocean),
    Lyle Lane (from Perry to Ocean),
    Howard from Columbia to Beach,
    1300 Block of Texas Avenue,
    Beach Avenue from Patterson to Pittsburgh
  • All persons consuming alcohol in public shall carry identification establishing that they are 21 years of age or older. Open public consumption may only occur in plastic cups or appropriate plastic containers such as sealed plastic pouches. No glass cups or bottles shall be permitted for open containers. The capacity of the cup or container cannot exceed 16 ounces. Additionally, persons consuming in public must limit themselves to a single drink and may not bring large containers of alcoholic beverages such as kegs or coolers.

We have sold more than 600 Cape May Strong t-shirts to benefit the Cape May Community Food Closet. At this time, we are no longer taking orders. If you’d like to make a donation directly to the Food Closet, please visit their Facebook page.

We are all in this together, and we are all #CapeMayStrong!

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